About Film—director & Artist Henning Schulze

“I will help your brand stand out in the whole hustle and bustle.”

Rolex attitude, meme-like punchlines and a smile, you can see miles away — this is me:

Henning Schulze, Filmdirector / Artist and founder of PARADISE — STUDIO.

I promise you nothing less, than real scroll-stopper.
#visuals that will turn your head.
#storytelling your mind will love.
#commercials that you’re gravitating to.

Authenticity and breaking the rules from time to time will create a real impact for your brand.

Founding the agency moodmacher in 2007, I successfully sold my shares of the company and made my exit in early 2020.

“I create commercials, that don’t feel like commercials.“


Find more of my works here.

Henning Schulze