Paradise Studio is run by artist / director Henning Schulze. 

It sits on the small and sharp edge between art and commerce.

It’s my way of storytelling:
raw, gritty peppered with some sarcasm.

Nothing to serious, but everything needs to be taken serioulsy. 

It’s not for everyone, you need to have guts.
In case you do, you will be rewarded:
Visual storytelling, the people love and engage with. 

I skip the b-roll.
I only shoot pictures which are prime time.
Nobody likes to be second class anyways.

So stop being happy with unworthy visuals for your high end brand.

Be gritty. Be imperfect. Be relevant.

Master the balancing act between art, culture and luxury.

Get the real scroll—stopper.
NOW.  //  +491719344047

New Avant-Garde

New Normal.
New Future.
New Memories.




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  • VIDEO MARKETING KIT 02: The New Normal



VIDEO MARKETING KIT 01: Homeoffice Flow


Studio for visual storytelling run by Henning Schulze.