the story of the christmas tree:

🌴client brief:
we want to communicate our yearly achievments and numbers to our colleagues. maybe we can do record some online interviews and edit them in a fun way. it can have some competitive spirit.

🌴my idea:
let's put them all in one room and let them all decorate a christmas tree.
the twist: before adding more christmas ornaments to the tree, the participants wrote the achievements on the christmas balls and explained everything, for the other colleagues. so we could show the competition on the one hand, but also that everyone added "value" to the whole christmas tree decoration (company) in the end.

🌴we were able to shoot everything in under 2 hrs with everything beeing prepared beforehand and the outcome was entertaining and also informative.

let's see how i can twist your briefing for a better outcome ;)

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that's the potential of working with PARADISE STUDIO — Outstanding Visual Storytelling

ps. see the feedback i'm getting most of the times below.

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🚤creative factory

🏭i’m a big fan of andy warhol and his factory.
one of the main touchpoints with andy warhol, was during my time working for the german edition of interview magazin, thx to FRANK SEIDLITZ :)

also meeting and working with one of his old companion gerard malanga shooting over 50 screentests.

i really love the idea of his factory:

🪐“The Factory, created by Andy Warhol, was a famous art studio in New York City during the 1960s. It served as a gathering place for artists and a hub of creativity, producing a wide range of artworks and hosting events that blurred the boundaries between art and popular culture. It became an iconic symbol of the Pop Art movement and continues to influence contemporary art and culture.”

🌴as long as i can remember i’ve never had a a regular office, it was always something special: loft studio in berlin with Sebastian Donath or with the ufa -lab in a backyard in berlin kreuzberg (now We Are Era )

i love the vibe when people from different disciplines come together, inspire each other and working side by side or even on the same projects.
i see so many ideas, concepts developing from our vibrant community of filmmakers, 3D artists, Fashion designer and creative freigeists like andreas knuffmann ;)

that’s the job side, the other side is the fun stuff we’re regulary doing like our sommerfest.

thats something that money can’t buy.

📸 pics by Sascha Lemke


how much is the fish 🐠?!

humor brings better results. companies that embrace are more profitable and fun to work for.
whenever we’re doing brainstormings, i like to come up with the most outside of the box ideas. i usually get one or two laughs, but more importantly i encourage anyone else to get “more creative”.

thats how we always end up with the good goodies. what also plays a huge part in this: the office aka. the studio aka the houseboat. our meeting/conference room looks like a living room and this cosyness relaxes anymore which makes the creative process more productive.

i have a notebook and on one if the last pages, i wrote down “crazy ideas”. after reviewing them a couple days later, they really weren’t that crazy.

ons of those ideas was: selling this notebook for 10K . so are u in helping me ticking of this item of the list?!

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🌴how to create emotions

🎥when it comes to commercial productions, we have to create emotions “on the spot” and thats the tricky part. getting the people in front of the camera comfortable, explaining them my expectations and then seeing them performing and delivering, that holds a real challenge. the timing is usually very tight: studio and production time costly, so keeping that together without pressuring anyone, holds real value. if the pressure is to high, it won’t work.

🪐i’m always trying to create a setup or frame work, which gives the people room to act/be themselves, which makes them feel comfortable and giving me the chance to get the most authentic footage.

🖼️it’s a bit like an artwork: i’m building the frame and the canvas and handing out the colors, and then leave it to other to paint the picture.

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