As COVID —19 is in charge of our daily lives and we adjusting to the new normal:
staying home, establishing new routines, meetings over zoom and hangout.
Basically living a full digital lifestyle.
We don't know how long it will last, but the impact will be lasting.
When it comes to marketing, the question is: How can you remain relevant to your customers, not only when the crisis is over but also right now.
There are a lot of studies showing from previous recessions, that the brands who don't cut their marketing budgets come out stronger when economy gains track again.

The demand in online shopping is growing, many restaurants are offering take away or delivery services, people are working out at home, e-learning.
AThere are many chances how you can remain relevant for your customers. 
Implementing video content which speaks to people, is one of our main skills.

Shooting in the real world holds it's challenges at the moment. We can still produce outstanding visuals using 3D animations, motion graphics or archive footage.

We can do this in an agile and efficient manner, so your budget is well invested.

If your interested just drop an email.